Bakteria The Voyage


Bakteria The Voyage

There’s a reason you’ve been hearing a lot about Bakteria in the past year. With each and every release, this production duo raises their own bar three rungs higher, and “The Voyage” is no exception.

From the first second of “The Voyage”‘s ambient intro, you know you’re strapping in for the ride of the night. Filtered house music chords from the rave days of yore give way to a call-and-response bassline over the staccato march of the drums, centrifuging the ambience and effects around it as the track continues to uncoil. The second drop leads with a Bakteria-esque halftime section, teasing the listener back into the choppy waters.

Not playing a track like this is like not eating tacos or loving puppies. There’s something wrong with you, not us.┬áSo go work out whatever that is and then come back later.

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