Dirty Ammo The Age Of Men


Dirty Ammo The Age Of Men

Deep from the recesses of that netherswampworld known to more advanced civilizations as “Florida”, Dirty Ammo is back with another pounding cut of neurotech heaviness. “The Age Of Men” is as cerebral as it is visceral – a polished but brutal assault of modulated basses, thudding drums and epic, cinematic flourishes.

The drop of this track is what rewinds dream of being when they grow up. Building and building over an intro of synths and samples, when Dirty Ammo finally pulls the trigger, it’s on. The drums keep the clock ticking while the bass continues to twist and modulate in ever-changing patterns. “The Age Of Men” is everything we love about the sound of Nervosa – twisted and angular, crisp production and a forward-looking view on where drum and bass is going next, not where it was this time last year.

Get that dollar out. You’re gonna want to go ahead and give it to us.

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