Incandescent Half-Mast


Incandescent Half-Mast

Toronto’s Incandescent is up next for Nervosa’s tenth single and it’s an absolute heater. Staring from┬áthe chilling ambient intro, the tension starts building almost immediately – twisting around listeners heads with a John Carpenter-ish retro-horror flare. No hi-hats or lead-in, just an epic build into an absolutely nasty drop.

From then on, all bets are off, with Incandescent lighting up the dancefloor with the drums anchoring slithers and stabs from every possible angle. Just when you think you’ve heard everything “Half-Mast”‘s got, there’s always a new sound, blip, squelch or stab to keep your ears locked in.

The second drop takes the filth up an extra notch, so don’t be that DJ.

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