Nervosa Artist Temulent


Nervosa Artist Temulent

Label founder Temulent (Judson Snell) has blazed a twenty-year trail of sophisticatedly bludgeoning drum and bass that somehow toes the line between nihilistic and dancefloor-accessible. With over thirty releases to his name dating back to 1997, Temulent was one of the main sonic architects of the revered Ohm Resistance sound, including founding its more breakcore-focused offshoot, Obliterati.

After a ten year hiatus, Temulent returned in 2015 with a new approach to his sound. Still as malevolent as before, but focused on a return to the minimalism of techstep’s heyday, a steady stream of releases and collaborations have been blowing up dancefloors and listeners with his take-no-prisoners productions.

With his main focus on releasing new music on Nervosa, not just his own, but fellow drum and bass artists, expect to hear fresh new sounds that share Temulent’s acid-laced, post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

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