Nervosa Artist Dirty Ammo


Nervosa Artist Dirty Ammo

You may not have heard a lot of tracks from Ariel Zayas (a/k/a Dirty Ammo) yet, but that’s about to change. With a defiant sound all his own, Dirty Ammo is leading the charge for a new generation of drum and bass, with one eye on the decades that have brought us this far and the other on pushing the music into the future.

With surgically precise breaks, a healthy dollop of melodic sensibility, ominous atmospheres and samples against bass lines that claw at your consciousness, Dirty Ammo is, simply put, the real deal. And the best part? He’s just getting started. One of the best new artist signings we’ve seen in ages, we’re excited to be part of bringing more and more of Dirty Ammo’s killer take on drum and bass to the world stage.

Just remember when this guy’s putting out LP’s on the big dogs in a year, you heard him here first.

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