Sinecore Anastacia


Sinecore Anastacia

Buckle in and keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, because Belgium’s Sinecore is taking you on a serious hellride with “Anastacia”.

Easing you up to the first drop with an almost-misleading pad and break, things take a very sudden change with a blistering build of rave stabs and monster drums. And once it drops, it DROPS. Like “50 pound bag of hot rocks” drops. Like “watermelon from a rooftop” drops. Like “insert metaphor here for something that’s heavy” drops. Are we overexplaining this?

Where “Anastacia” excels is it’s deft mix of light and dark – the ambiences, chords and pads provide a chilled breath of fresh air between two massive dropsĀ of hard-rolling techgrindfunkstepcore. If this doesn’t get your dancefloor moving, tell the club’s owner he might have a carbon monoxide leak. A filthy, anthemic outing from one of Belgium’s biggest names – this is going in your next set… and many sets after that.

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