Temulent Progressive Illness Vol. Three


Temulent Progressive Illness Vol. Three

After almost a decade away from drum and bass, Temulent returned to the studio late last year and began work on what would ultimately become Progressive Illness Vol III.

A punishing, visceral hellride through the subconscious of one of the most twisted minds in drum and bass, Progressive Illness III chronicles Temulent’s return to fighting form – blending the aesthetics of where drum and bass has been with the perspective of where Temulent plans on taking it next.

From the stalking, stomping chase of “Follower”, to the live drum assault of “Deadmen” to the leering amen-riddled attack of “Emperor”, Temulent sets the tone early on with blistering netherworldly audioscapes. Switching gears into the hard-stepping, neuro-laced “Terminate”, “Proletariat” and “5.56” and culminating in the retro-anthemic “Usurp”, this LP creates a bleak, cohesive portrait as a sum of its individual ideas – a producer, hellbent on dancefloor detonation, returning to finish the job he started a decade ago.

To round things off, four of drum and bass music’s mightiest (Terror Cell, Bakteria, HammerZz and BMA) click in with remixes of “Follower” and “Proletariat”.

Pounding and nihilistic from the first track to the last, Progressive Illness, Vol. Three is finally here. And while Temulent has gone on to do much more since this LP (like start Nervosa, for example), this LP is a rickety bridge from the Temulent that once was to the Temulent that will be.

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