Todd Buchler The Ch'I (2016 Remix)


Todd Buchler The Ch'I (2016 Remix)

Back in 2002, Todd Buchler hatched the brain-numbing “The Ch’I” – a relentless slab of amen tortureĀ pornthat became an anthem in the Northeast. Signed to fledgling label Terpsichore Productions, promo copies were beginning to circulate just as the labelĀ folded up shop, making the vinyl a prized part of many collections. One such collector was Nervosa founder, Temulent, who’s own remix became one of the first tracks out on his own Obliterati imprint.

Now over ten years later, The Ch’i has been given a new twist by the original artist, and twisted doesn’t even begin to cover it. Every single pummeling aspect of the original is back, but through the prism of drum and bass music’s evolution. Dripping with the sleaze of a thousand hoovers but purified by the razors of Todd’s amen death march, The Ch’i lives on as one of the few American D&B anthems.

The first 25 purchases on our Bandcamp account will be given a download link to the original track. Did we forget to mention that part?

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